Welcome to Lima

The city of Lima, beautiful capital city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, is the best expression of tradition and modernity. As the capital of Peru, it expresses a rich combination of customs and cultures that reflect the idiosyncrasies of citizens from all regions of the country.

Lima is home to more than 7 and a half million inhabitants, concentrating almost two-thirds of the economic and industrial activity of the country. It undoubtedly maintains an ideal climate for entrepreneurs who come from various parts of the world to do business with Peru.

Lima is the City of the Kings. It was built on a pre-Hispanic urban layout whose material vestiges can be seen today, but it is also the city that hosted the first civilizations of America. It is full of magic and is a living culture. Thanks to its historical legacy, it was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. However, it is the hospitality, talent and creativity of its people which make it a modern and cosmopolitan city that is building new forms of coexistence and harmony with nature and the citizens of the world.

Tourist Attractions

A walled city with magnificent archaeological, historical and artistic monuments, it has been able to maintain the richness of its Historic Center through the years, and therefore, has significant pieces of colonial and republican architecture.

In contrast, you can visit tombs, buildings belonging to the first inhabitants of Lima, which live together among modern buildings and populated houses in various districts of the city, some of which stand out for their preservation and the care they receive from their neighbors.

More than 50 museums are scattered through the city with exhibitions of art, archeology, nature, science and technology. These spaces are the memory and culture of the city.

Hills, rivers and beaches. Lima offers a wide variety of natural landscapes; there is a wide range of adventure sports that encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle of local citizens and visitors.

Finally, there is no visit to Lima without tasting the clearest expression of its identity: the Peruvian cuisine. Lima is proud to be the Gastronomic Capital of Peru and to be working hard to become the Gastronomic Capital of America in 2021.

This information is courtesy of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima. For more information, please visit: http://www.munlima.gob.pe